divorce between copts

I have been with my egyptian partnerr for 4yrs now but we want to make it formal so he can join me in the UK.

However 10yrs ago he married an egyptian copt woman..their marriage broke down and they havent lived together for over 8years. However as far as im aware he cannot divorce her as

1) he is not willing to change his religion

2) if they visit the head of the church to ask for a divorce they both have to attend (and the divorce may not be accepted)- the copt woman wants to divorce him too but her family would kill her if she went through with this.

I just want to know what options do i have? i cant marry him as that would be unlawful in the eyes of the UK goverment? or would his first marriage not be recognised by the UK goverment?

Please if anybody could help me i would be soooo grateful, please no harsh answers as we all make mistakes and he is still stuck in his mistake, which is stopping us from living our life.


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