Hi everybody,
we are from Milan. Travelled a lot for business and been to Nambia twice this year.
We have to boys (5 and 6) and they are also fluent in English
We are willing to move to a place where our children can learn about nature, different cultures, languages, simpler life, simple values. We are willing to live in a non-stressfull place.
We have fallen in love with Namibia. Namibia seems to be the right answer to our needs.
My husband has  long experience as film editor in adv. I've been alwasy working in the textile field as product manager and tried to set up an ethic business in India, but far too difficult.
What I would like to do is any job where I could feel useful: working in orphanage, in any project that helps peole in needs. Unfortunately I'm not a doctor (what if I could turn back time!) nor a nurse or so... but I'm sure there is a way i can be helpful also without a proper digree (I have a degree in business and economics).
On the other side we also need to understand whether it is possible to settle in Namibia, considering all the burocarcy issues.
What do we have to start with? ask for job permit? ask for citizenship? Find a job and then get the permit?
Where do we have to start from?
By now, we have been talking to some contacts we made to understand if there is some actual possibility to move there (job, school for our children, house...).
Any suggestions? Any ideas?
Thank you!


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