Bocas del Toro... Any info?

I notice there are not many posts or information about Bocas del Toro.  How is it for living (costs, activities, climate, environment, services, etc)?

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While waiting for members to revert back with some infos about Bocas del toro, I invite you to check out these threads below talking about the latter:

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Hola Kenjee  and thanks for the links.  :top: 
The 2nd link I have already seen.  The first thread I found helpful and sobering.  Terrible to learn that Bocas has problems with littering along roads, beaches, but perhaps a volunteer community litter collection is what is needed. 

My wife and i loved our trip last year to Bocas ,it was very hot but a nice change from Boquete ,Laurel couldn,t wait to get out of the rains in Boquete . We spent our time on  Bastementos , we loved the island the children the music drums culture,although there was garbage it wasn,t that bad and they were active in cleaning it up the expats there care and are trying to persuade the locals to change there ways.There is a chocolate farm up in the hills we visited as well as a vegan restaurant we enjoyed. Loved peoples attitudes that lived there,the mode of transportation is water taxi inexpensive tho. Snorkeling was great ,the water is why people go to Bocas ,we ate out several times and the food was very good, but was pricey.we had no problems with crime on our trip and whenever i think back of Bastementos i smile. Rod

Thanks for sharing a summary of your Bocas experience, Rod.  Did you read the threads Kenjee recommended, particularly the 1st one?  Many visitors to Bocas, at least according to that thread, claimed that they were saddened by the amount of pollution, lack of fresh food supply, expensiveness of the area.  It is refreshing to read another view.  Did you go outside of Bocas to the surrounding villages and beaches?  Would you ever consider living in Bocas or surrounds?

Our trip was was mostly spent on Bastementos  isl  we took water taxis to Bocas town and back we spent a day on Careneras isl and we snorkelled at 2isl,s and a Cay,i would think you would be doing a injustice to yourself if you don,t spend some time in Bocas ,The garbage is real and is man made and can be picked up i hate the use of the word polluted.There is nothing wrong with the water quality or air quality Most of the garbage is thrown on the sides of the sidewalks or bushes there are no roads except Bocas town.The locals don,t know any better but are learning. We went and bought food and ate out, and although it wasn,t cheap i wouldn,t call it expensive .come and shop in Canada :) My wife didn,t want to leave ,thats a very good indicator to me and when we move to Panama we are going to have Bastementos as our long weekend get away

Things have changed over the years in Bocas. The government is doing lots of investments into the area and I think things will get a lot better with stuff like water or garbage.

But, if you live off the grid these things really don't matter and most expats dont really want to live in town, lots prefer to live out of town.

Check out (moderated: commercial link)

Good luck!

Thanks Angie
Off-grid is my middle name!  I like seeing folks doing that as it inspires me.

Off-the Grid places check out Bluff Beach on isla Colon (accessible by car to the center of the action of Bocas Town if you want this and also a growing expat community. If you want to try other islands check out the areas of Tierra Oscura (Dolphin Bay area), Isla Cristobal, Loma Partida, Bahia Honda and Solarte. Lots of nice places there all with nice neighbors both locals and expats. Cheers! :)

Compared to Las Tablas would Bocas make a great investment spot.

In my humble opinion i would not buy in Panama with hopes of making a profit ,we are looking and willing to buy at present because if you can pay for your house after that the living in Panama is very inexpensive even better if you buy next to new , as well in our opinion the quality of life is better,its a slower pace and better climate and we think a healthy diet if you want it to be. We will be flying in on the 27th for our fourth trip this time for a month.Even though we are doing very well it wouldn,t take long to go broke if we stay here in Canada. SAD EH:(

I am looking for long term and have a few realty prospects that are not too expensive.  The only challenge is deciding which province is going to work.  Lots of votes for Pedasi, Las Tablas, and even Boquete, not too many for Bocas del Toro.

Have you been to Panama ?

I have visited but not lived there.  I have lived in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras.  Things are done differently in each place for sure.

Adventure is wonderful as long as one walks with stability.

Can you tell us anything about living in Roatan or Utila

Send me a msg so I can send you my thoughts on those places so I won't violate the rules of the forum.   :top:  :cool:  :gloria

If you are interested in doing something tourism related then Bocas del Toro is a good place, it is one of Panama's most popular travel destinations. There are more visitors year round in Bocas than Boquete, Las Tablas or Pedasi. Good luck!

Gracias Angie
by the way how is Hi-speed Internet there.  That is crucial!

Las Tablas area including Pedasi and the entire coastline there in Los Santos or Boquete or El Valle down by Coronado, is substantially more civilized and safer and more funcional than Bocas.......But Bocas has flavor, sabor, and can be loads of fun for the short term........Long term??? the property values are wayover inflated..........all basics are luxuries, like Costa Rica.........good for a vacation, then go home.............dont be in a hurry to buy anywhere........take yur time and rent for awhile and get to know the place and the people.........Eazy to get in! Hard to get out!

Thanks for that advice!

My ex spouse moved to Bocas from Canada a year ago, and loves it there. he has got some property and is building a house there. Also has acquired some interest in the brewery . He is trying to convince us to move there too.

all these island are sinking

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