Best way to take PC from UK to Malta?

Hi all,

My boyfriend and I will be moving to Malta in October and we would like to take our PC (and games consoles etc) to Malta with us.

We're not sure of the best way to transport the stuff there as we've read on various places online that their computers have been severely damaged even when using international shipping companies.

Any advice would be appreciated.



We bought heavy duty 1/2 Europa size pallet boxes and packed all our personal effects including games consul and laptop and shipped them with Intercargo, we had no damaged goods or losses.

We have also shipped with MaltaPost which was very good, cheap and efficient but one item went missing when a pallet box was opened. (Either by customs staff or someone with MaltaPost!)


shiplowcost are good too, I stuck my stuff in 64 litre plastic "really useful box" boxes

depending on the size and weight, you can buy an extra seat (fare base without taxes) with e.g. Air Malta and bring your stuff with you. Or you pack it carefully and check it in at the bulky baggage desk - it's free as long it's within your 20kg check-in baggage.

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