I am Biologist and Beekeeper in Ankara, Best greeetings

Hello FrIiends,  :)
I am in Ankara, I am biologist, entomologist and beekeeper.  :)  I speak English fruently. If you are interested in communication and want to ask me some questions, you are the most welcome. You can also visit my YouTube channel = to see my Video from Ankara, Beypazari, Ayas, Eldivan, Istanbul, Adana, Bursa, Denisli, Antalya, or Cappadokia.  :) You can type keywords in internet = Victor Fursov, Entomologist Beekeeper TV = and you will find me.  You are welcome to communicate in English.  :) Best greetings, Victor

Hi Victor!

Interesting introduction. Welcome to the forum. Hope you will enjoy it!

Also, in case you are running a bee business, I would advise you to register your business in the Business Directory section. That would be helpful for you, in case someone looks up for it.
If you have any questions, please feel free to post.

Good luck

Thank you for interest.  Actually, now I do research in agriculture only. Business can be later. Thanks, Victor, :) My Tube Channel with VIDEO from Turkey:

Interesting channel!

Good luck

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