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Hi  Guys,

This is Govinda from New Delhi , India.

I am working professional in finance field. I got a job offer in Prague. I have also submitted my application for employee card on 28 July-16.

I just wanted to know from your experience , how much time it took in your case to get the approval?

Secondly, is it possible to get the passport back during visa processing time, in case I need to travel somewhere during this time.

Thanks a lot for your help!


hey, my question is rather late here. I am guessing your's got approved during this time.  How long it took for you to get it approved?

Hi Vishal & Govinda,

Can anyone of you please let me know, how much time Czech embassy took to process employment card from India.

Any help will be highly appreciable. Thanks.


Mine took 83 days.  Max I think it can go till 90 days.

Hi Vishal,

Is it possible to get the passport back during visa processing time, in case I need to travel somewhere during this time??

yes. You can request at the embassy. I did the same thing and got it back.

Do you have any suggestions for this?

you can check with your employer who must be assisting you with VISA process.. they can provide a better answer I believe..

I would also not recommend to resign and go back..Better apply for visa and stay in Malaysia till you get one as it takes around 4 months for the VISA to come.

Thanks Vishal.
Are you in Czech now? Prague?

yes I am in Prague.

Just so you know, the law changed in July, it now takes 120 days to approve employee cards.
When you applied, you should have told them you wanted the passport back. The consulate gave mine back the day I applied. Otherwise, you might be able to request a second passport. I know you can do that in the US.

Hi Govinda,
This reply is probably too late to help you but in case others are searching this topic here is my story that I've shared elsewhere:

I just got my employment card application approved, it took 174 days. Most czech embassy webpages say "The statutory deadline for processing an application for an employee card is 60 days from the date of the filing of the application. In especially complicated cases or if the OAMP has requested the Employment Agency to issue a binding opinion statement (a request referred to in Section 42g(6) of the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals), the deadline is 90 days from the date of the filing of the application." Don't be fooled by this, it caused chaos in my life because I assumed this was true and quit my job, ended my apartment lease, and bought a flight to correspond with the "deadline." Once you apply, continue your life as usual and make arrangements once it is approved.

I wrote or called the embassy where I applied every two weeks or less. Every time they claimed that they wrote to the Immigration Police to inquire about my status but they "received no answer" so who knows if this is true. After five months of waiting I started calling the embassy regularly. Definitely stay polite and respectful (they can screw you over if you antagonize them), but I think the regular poking and reminding them that I exist was important in them finally getting my application processed.

On a more positive note, I was informed by a legal Czech visa specialist that legitimate applications for Employee cards are never refused (holding the approved "job number" that your employer acquired should means that the job is yours, technically), it just might take forever (literally, if you don't remind them regularly).

Good luck!  The process is hell but I do believe it's worth it

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