What is the process of finding part time work on husbands visa?

I am thinking of doing some part time work to keep my skills up and to not get bored whilst we are in Riyadh. My current company has an office in Riyadh but they don't have any roles at the moment there. How easy is it to gain employment in Riyadh on husbands visa?

It's not legal to do any kind of work being on a spouse visa --- stated on your iqama 'Not eligible to work'. However, there are solutions.

What kind of work do you want to do? Most ladies get to teaching jobs.

Hey there. Thanks for replying. I work in HR so would like part time work in this field ideally but open to consider other opportunities.  What are the plugins please? .

Solutions not plugins. Lol damn spell check

You can stay on your husband visa and you are eligible to work just for schools under Ajeer arrangement.
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