DO YOU LIKE HORSES? Want to make friends

Hello everybody!
I am a woman from Barcelona. I like very much horses.
I have some friends in Arthus, and I would like to do more friends around Denmark interested in Horses, Nature and travelling just to know more about this wonderful country. Thanks

In a former life, I once spent an hour in a jail cell with a horse (actually, a Shetland pony; no, don't ask).  In that time I learnt that horses have teeth at one end and hoofs at the other that can cause considerable pain.  So, no, I don't like horses. :)

Thank you for your comment but I supposed answers from people who love animals.. Have a wonderful day

Mmmh, mmmh - I am not sure if this is of interest, but have a look.


Thank you so much!! I appreciate it.
Have a wonderful day

Hi! I'd love to go horse trekking in Denmark. I don't have that much previous experience though. I've found a couple of places that do horse trekking, maybe we could go together if you're interested? I'll be staying in Koege (I'm arriving in September). I also like nature and travelling.

Hi! I'm Linn, Dutch native, and I'm a huge horse lover. I've been riding horses since I was a little kid. I live in the south of Denmark (Naestved). If you are interested in exploring the country and do a bit of horseriding please send me a message and maybe we can meet.

Where on Denmark are you Walony?

I love animals too, as a matter of fact tomorrow I'll be attending a dog competition (agility) in Vallensbaek

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