Football Tickets

I am a Canadian going to Amsterdam for three weeks and want to catch an Ajax Football match if possible. Just wondering, apart from the Ajax football website, how else can I purchase football tickets for a match at Amsterdam Arena? Anyone know of any good yet LEGITIMATE websites that sell football tickets for Ajax FC?

Also is it cheaper to buy the tickets at the stadium on game day or cheaper to buy online?

You'll probably find that as a Manchester United fan, you'll get surcharged ......... (joke).

Seriously; there are so many scams going, I'd always recommend buying them officially, this link will take you to the club website; you can get the tickets there.

You could always catch a train out east and watch FC Twente; judging from the noise coming out of the place last Saturday, home games are quite an event. :)

:D Hahahah Thanks Cynic....Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Yeah I was looking at possibly checking out matches for other clubs, just not sure how far I would be to those destinations as I am renting an apartment through airbnb and it's in the heart of Amsterdam.

Although saying that, am told traveling around Netherlands is quite easy and getting from city to city is a breeze with the train so I'll investigate some more. Thanks again for the feed back, truly and greatly appreciated!

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