be a dentist in netherlands

hello everyone.
my name is asaf and I'm dental student in 5th year in Europe.  my diploma will be European so its ok for the Netherlands as I understood.
and I have no European citizenship.
I would like to start work  and live in the Netherlands as a dentist.

I searched in the Internet for all the procedure but it looks like its impossible. cause it's looks like a big mess.
I know that I have to register in the BIG registration and then to take 2 tests.

someone maybe can recommend on lawyer or some company which I can trust to help me to do all procedure correctly?

maybe someone  here which is foreign and  have some experience with this procedure?

thank you all.

Welcome on board :cheers:

Are you planning to open your own practice or you want to work with another dentist?

As a foreigner you need to have a work permit, provided via your employer. This is the easiest way to live legal in the Netherlands.

As for help to register yourself as a dentist, am afraid I can't help you further. Visit the BIG website how to start because this is the official site
Maybe the Chamber of Commerce  in the city you want to settle can give you more information.

Good luck!

The Dutch dentists have a professional association (KNMT); this link will take you to their website where there is a page devoted to what you're asking.

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