Any suggestions for American teachers who want to teach in England?

I am a teacher (Special Education) 5-12 (from Boston MA, USA) , and am very interested in teaching in England. I just came back from a 2 month holiday in England, and love it there. I want to move there. How challenging would it be for a 47 year old American teacher to find work as a teacher in England? I'd also like to pursue a Ph.D in nautical archaeology and have my eye on the Univ of Southampton- but for now would be keen on being a public school teacher- is there a good reference site or guide for American teachers who want to teach in England?

Hi! you sound just like me lol. I want to move to England as well. I spent two weeks there in february 2014 with some friends there and i truly loved it as well...actually fell in love with the country. May i suggest you try the following websites-, as well. I have tons of information but i just dont want to overload your mind. I truly hope these two sites will help you as well in your journey to live in England :) Continued blessings!

The problem is not finding a job - there is a shortage. The problem will be getting a work visa. As a US citizen that is hard / impossible.

That's true, there is a shortage. To those considering teaching in the UK, I would first research why there is a shortage. Some of the reasons may put you off teaching in the country.

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