Donation Question

I will be back in Sosua the week of September 20th and will have a suite case full of gently used kids clothes, boys and girls that we would like to donate. I  was wondering if someone can recommend an organization that may have a need for this.


Check out Project Espearnza in Munoz or  Sosua kids or maybe even  Sun camp will welcome you with open arms and even guide you to help with any one of many different volunteer projects without charging you a few thousand bucks as some volunteer agencies do.

I agree contact Sosua kids as they are always looking for clothes for the kids in the area.

Bob K

Sosua kids is a vetted organization!!!!!  Personally I stay far away from many others!

Thanks all for your replies

You are welcome and thank you for the donations you are bringing

Bob K

I wish more people would do this.  Often you can get advance permission from the airline to bring an extra no cost suitcase of humanitarian goods!!!

Just found out WestJet allows one piece of checked baggage of humanitarian goods per person at no cost

They are the very best!   YOu may need a letter.  Let me know if you do.

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