Low salary offer or is OK?

Hi all, I am a recent arrival to Oman and presently in Sohar. In a few weeks I expect to be moved to Muscat as a single resident there. I suspect the salary I have may be a little low now I am looking around as I have a salary only. No housing or car allowances. Other essentials like health care etc are covered, so is OK. So, for a fairly modest lifestyle in a safe but not luxury one/two bed apartment and a modest car, is OMR 3000 sufficient for Muscat area? Employment is in central Muscat. I suspect I could live on this, but not much more than living day to day? Thank you.


Hi joey soap,

It is quite obvious from your post that you have not read through the volumes of useful and highly informative posts on the subjects of salaries, cost of living and expense evaluations in Muscat. Suggest you please do so first.

R.O. 3,000/- per month is a princely salary by average standards.

Given you lifestyle, for a single resident, it can even be considered extravagant.

You are grossly incorrect in your assessment that with this sum you can just about eke out a living.

You can actually live a life which most will envy and can only dream of.

So enjoy the good life !

Thank you Sumitran, I understand and appreciate your comments. Thank you for your interest and time, I appreciate it. My situation is that I had little time to research the living costs here, I was mobilised at very short notice. From the little research I did on line, most seemed very out of date and for Muscat, the apartment rentals seemed very expensive. Now I am here, I will make use of the forum resources!


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