Taman Safari Indonesia

One of my favourite places to bring the children is to Taman Safari Indonesia. To reach Taman Safari from Jakarta is about a 2 hour drive and about a 3 hour drive if you are coming from Bandung.  The place is actually located in Cisarua on the outskirts of Bogor, and very close to Puncak. Traffic during public holidays and weekends can get very congested in the Puncak area with long queues all over the place so it is good to set out early.

We actually like to stay in the villa at Sukibumi or rent a villa in Puncak with other family members and then visit TSI together as well as drive around the tea plantations and visit other nearby sites.

For us, the most interesting part of Taman Safari is the drive through where you can see wild animals close up. Visitors are advised to keep their windows tightly closed to prevent some of the more aggressive animals such as lions or tigers from attacking. Accidents are rare but do happen from time to time, mostly involving the keepers or other staff in the park.

Aside from the drive through safari park, there is a petting zoo, animal rides for the children, an amusement park, cottages, cable car and restaurants. So it makes for a great day out for the family.

These are some of the animals I saw during my last trip to Taman Safari Indonesia, and anyone feel free to upload their own pics or videos.

An interesting place that's well worth a visit, especially if you fancy a day out with the kids.

Scruffy Camel

A Cool Camel

I went to the other Taman Safari in Surabaya. Its also great!

Thanks Shawn. If ever I am in Surabaya again, will try to visit.

A nice moment captured at 400mm f5.6, 1/320 sec. At 400mm I was able to get up close to this deer and fawn without disturbing the moment, the wide aperture created a sharp image with nice bokeh, and the fast shutter speed allowed me to capture the moment without camera shake and actually freezes the rain drops which are visible as short white lines in the background.

This hippo seems to be showing off it's moustache.

Monkey in the rain

Doe and Fawn

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