Brazilian & American marrying in Brazil - Expat´s rights

I am Brazilian and my fiancée is American. He has a valid tourist visa and is coming to Brazil next month for an extended stay. We planned on getting married shortly after he gets here, and apply for his VIPER. I have some doubts regarding basic rights. Does he need to wait for the VIPER to be able to do certain things, such as open a bank account, buy health insurance, have his belongings shipped to Brazil, etc.
Also, I read in previous posts that while the VIPER is being processed the applicant cannot leave the country for more than 90 days at a time. Is this an absolute rule? If he needs to leave a few months after the wedding and stay in the US for more than 90 days, would we lose the entire process? Would it be relevant for PF if I spent part of this time with him in the US? 
Thank you very much for your help!

Hi Paulacolesi

Hope you are doing well.  Please note that for the main information pertaining to your question, you can refer to the following thread:

Getting married in Brazil, Permanent Visa and documents required

Furthermore please note that if both you and your fiance have the correct documentation, as per law, your fiance shall be granted permanency immediately upon the submission of the documents at the Policia Federal. At that time he shall be issued a "Protocolo" which is valid for 3 months, this piece of paper is to be used while your fiance will wait for his CIE (ID Card) to be printed and sent back to the respective Policia Federal where you have applied from.

Usually the CIE is printed within the 3 months that your protocolo is valid for.  If it is not printed due to some errors then your fiance can goto the Policia Federal and request for an extension.  Usually they will only give an extension of 30 days at a time, however if you explain the situation properly they can also give the extension for 6 months.

If he leaves the country usually the CIE printing process doesn't stop as long as he has notified the Policia Federal.  However the challenge for him will be at the reentry because if the date on the protocolo is expired the airlines won't let him board the plane.

If he is to contact the Brazilian embassy there is a high probability that they will ask him to apply for a VIPER visa from the Embassy based on marriage.

In the meanwhile please note that on his protocolo he can go and try to open a bank account or ask for his belongings to be shipped over.  It is not against any law to do so, however the challenge is that people are not that well experienced in dealing with estrangeiros and on top of that handling situations that involve having a protocolo instead of the CIE.

The 2nd option that you might have is that since you feel that your fiance might be spending so much time outside of Brazil, then you also have the option of applying for his visa directly from the Brazilian embassy of your respective city.

We hope this information is helpful and please let us know if you require anymore clarifications



Paulacolesi. Why don't you just go to the US and get married there? The process is much easier and as long as you don't try to apply for a green card you won't have any problems.  Just be sure to register it in the Brazilian consulate in the US. Stanza is correct. His permanency will be granted immediately after he applies. It is very fast getting the CIE.

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