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Hello comunity!
Iam looking to buy a small rental property, a house with 3-8 apartments. The questions is can i own the land as a EU citizen that the house is placed on? Was reading yesterday night and couldnt understand the rules  :unsure .
Also if anyone know a good realestate agent in timisoara ? Or know about something thats for sale at the moment in a good location. Greatfull for all info.

Yes, now you can own the land as EU citizen.
Good luck in your search!

Thank you very much for your reply :)

You want to buy only in Timisoara?

Hi cri-xtina Cluj, timisoara  and Bucharest are the markets i have been trying to learn about the demand , prices, roi and locations. Bucharest is proabably out of the Question because i like to stay in the Transylvania region and specially Hunedoara therefore timisoara Would be optimal... Cluj could work... if you have other suggestions please pm me. Thank You for your time :)

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