Singaporean finding a job in lyon

Anyone willing to employ an ex flight attendant with 13 years experience ?:)

Hello Nina Damiani :cheers:

Looking for a any specific job? Maybe a short introduction can help too! ;)

Are you planning to expatriate and live in France or will you just be around Lyon for some months please?

I invite you to read articles in our Living in France Expat guide so as to have informations regarding work permits and visas etc for you to be able to stay there.

An advert in the Jobs offers in Lyon may do good as well :top:

Best of luck in your job hunt


Hi kenjee,

Hi.. I have been living in France for almost 5 years now. Lyon to be specific.  I have the carte de sejour and I do speak French.

I'm 36, a former flight attendant with Singapore airlines for 13 years. I'm
Not very choosy with jobs. If I could work at the airport, shopping malls or hotels will be great :)

What about yourself? Have you been living in France for a Long time?


Hello :)

@Nina : I actually work for and do not live in France. I am here to help out members the best I can ;)

If you do talk French, maybe you could also try your luck to find a job by droping an advert in the Francophone version of the site.

The best way to find the job you want, is to dare! Make yourself a nice CV, try to google some samples, pimp it up with your best achievements, make some photocopies, and take a day to go deposit them in the Human resource departement of each institution  you would wish to find work.

Wish you all the best :top:


Hi, kenjee

Hello to you. Yes I've send countless resume. Yet to get any reply. Even visited some places to see if I can do a trial at a job so for now waiting. And also I'm going to try the francophone as per your advice. I'm not choosy at what kind of job I can get now as I'll benefit experience and from there I can advance further.

Thank you for sending me a message I truly appericiate it. Hopefully some good news comes out from the countless resume that I've sent out.

Thank you again . By the way, if not France , where do you live?


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