Permit renewal.

Hello dear,

My name is Philips Robertson, a Nigerian and I'm 32.

I got a sponsor from the Nigerian Government to study welding and fabrication, safety and security in scuola Edile Genovese, Genova, Italy in 2012 and got through with the program in 2013.

I left Genova after my training to Nigeria but wish to go back to Italy. My study permit is expired and I need help on how to go about moving back to Italy.

Many thanks for your response as per my case.

Robertson S. Philips

Hello Robertson S. Philips :cheers:

Are you looking to go pursue your studies again in Italy or are you thinking about going to work and live there?

I invite you to read articles relevant to your queries in our Living in Italy Expat Guide.

Wish you all the best :top:


Hello Kenjee,

Thanks for your response.

My intention is to go back to work but I don't know how to go about getting an invitation for work.

Because the invitation is what I will show at the Italian embassy here in my country.

Many thanks for your support as you help me more with information.


Robertson S. Philips

Without a secured job offer, you generally will not be able to get a work visa for Italy; without a work visa, you can not legally work.  Contact the Italian Consulate in your city, or the one nearest to you, and get the specificis.

I've gone to the consulate, I was told to get a job offer first and that's why I am seeking for an assistance to get job offer to process my document.

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