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Hi Everyone ,

I want to know if visa is processed and one does not join the company due to family problems, will he be banned from working in oman and other gulf countries.


Hi shekharnewexpat2014,

If an employment visa is issued, it comes with a validity period of 3-months from the date of issue. Before the end of this period, the visa must be used, which means the person on whose name the visa is issued must have entered the country.

Failure to do so would mean that the visa gets cancelled automatically and the company which applied for that visa would have some questions to be answered when they reapply for any other employment visa after that.

Companies do not take kindly to employees not joining them, after their employment visas have been processed for the obvious reasons of the trouble the company would have to go through before getting the required job clearance, and employment visa issued.

If the company wants, they can file false cases and can technically create a lot of trouble for the candidate who has intentionally ditched them. Sometimes, companies do resort to these extreme measures. But these are not very often, thankfully.

Getting another employment visa in Oman may not be possible, since the candidate would be blacklisted in the official records, as a defaulter.

But there is no ban on the candidate working in the other GCC countries.

Hi mr sumitran!

Maybe you can also answer my confusion.. I have the same problem.. I was issued a contracting employment visa  (which is valid for two months) with my previous employer in oman. But unfortunately, i was hold in our country imigration since i did not pass tru govt agency..i contacted my employer plenty of times but they did not pursue me.. I am now stuck. Now, its been 5 mos and i am planning to apply to another employer in oman...will there be a problem for that?thanks ahead

Hi iamapplecious,

Since yours is a short-term visa, there shouldn't be any major issues.

Try your luck with other employers here. They will inform you in case of any concerns, while applying for your employment visa. Only then will you know.

[mr sumitran,

Thank you so much for the very helpful information sir. this will help bring back my hope for oman...

Hi Sumitran,

I am a Nigerian living in Istanbul Turkey and I want to visit Oman. Please how can I get a tourist visa to visit Oman?

Hi ezejames,

The simplest and the best way to get yourself an Oman visit visa is to contact some local travel agent. They will do the needed for you. Without a local sponsor you cannot get a visit visa.

There is also an online evisa option available. But it comes with a lot of strings attached. Look at the Royal Oman Police website's evisa section for more details.

Good luck !


I sincerely appreciated your answer. but i do not really now any traveling agent i can contact. Can you link me to any? Thanks.

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