Replacement glass for a mirror

Hi all

Can anyone tell me where you go to get glass fitted in the city of Almeria. I have a mirror in my rented flat which fell off the wall. It was only supported by two hooks but I need to get it repaired as it is the only mirror provided and I am sure the owner won't believe that it happened while I was out.

Many thanks

Just put cristalerias almeria capital and you'll get stacks of results.

These were the first three on Google but paginas amarillas etc lists lots more.

Cristaleria Y Aluminio El Diamante SL
Calle Inglés, 1 · 950 23 21 10

Cristalería Platil
Ctra. Sierra Alhamilla, 360 · 950 22 54 45

Cristaleria Y Aluminios El Diamante S.L.
Carpintería metálica y de aluminio
Calle el Corro, 9 · 950 23 21 10

Thanks ever so much for your reply. I will get it sorted.

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