NYT Article that Matches My Experience Well

Most articles/policies I read have been spun by the Island's politicians or those benefiting from their policies. This one better matches my personal perception (ignore the technical fallacy w.r.t. the Jones Act). … s&_r=1

My impression continues to be that ordinary people here are amazingly (and often illegally) resourceful and resilient. Now, if the various bumbling patronage/colonial governments involved could only stop treating them like helpless dependents to exploit and give them half an economic opportunity to find their own success their way...

Yes, this is a good if long article. I have to agree with most of it.

Thank you for sharing this article.

The NYT article matches my experience and insights too. It is nice to read accurate journalism.

Nice article. I will agree with most of it. Specially with the mention of the side economy. Most people in the island are more concern with how to make it that with the politics.

Thank you for sharing this article.

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