Safe Deposit Lockers


Moving to Bangalore and want to know if there is anywhere I can rent a safe deposit locker.

I spoke to my bank they were unhelpful/ ambiguous.

Also, do I need one will my passport expired be safe at home

Safe deposit lockers are available in many banks in India.

Generally the bank requires you to have a fixed deposit of minimum certain amount to be had at the same branch. This FD is in addition to your savings account that you have to open at the sa.e branch. The amount of minimum fixed deposit varies from bank to bank & the size of the locker sought..

Since lockers in any bank are few, & seekers many.... so the availability of lockers in many branches is a problem..

& the banks views the lockers business as an unnecessary headache giving less returns to the bank... that is the reason for banks to try to generate other business piggy backing on the lockers business.... (a good customer, some Fixed deposit for the bank etc...)

You have to go from branch to branch of different banks trying to find out a bank with a free locker & the one that suits your pocket.

Hope I was able to give you some clarity...

What I am surprised about is..... that no one in Banglore  (where you have posted this thread) came forward to give you this simple clarity....

Whereas guys from this city Banglore are quite active to give replies to threads in Delhi... a city where they do not live in... & have no real idea about Delhi (Delhi & its suburbs especially Gurgaon is home to maximum number of expats living in any city/region in India.... the most happenin place in India... also this area is not just the Capital of India, but also the "Party Capital of India"- ask this from the party people of India...)

Usually these guys who come to reply to Delhi threads are spreading negative misinformation about Delhi NCR region trying to scare people away from Delhi area talking all crap & try to push Banglore  (& a couple other south Indian cities) as a destination for expats... Even though Banglore itself has a very bad crime statistics record including rapes (which also includes rapes of little children in Schools by the School staff etc...

(but they never talk of this position of Banglore- in the Hall of Fame as one of the most notorious cities in India as far as Crime records are concerned.... this city has an additional problem of Police simply not registering the complaints of ALL kinds of crimes, what to talk of investigating the same & bringing the culprit to book) imagine the actual crime happening in Banglore if the actual crime rate was recorded by the police in their records !!!!!!!!

but such finger pointing guys so actively spreading all nonsense in Delhi threads (as though they are the good samaritans warning people in a city they don't even live in) never tell about the deplorable crime situation in Banglore (Including rapes & RAPES OF CHILDREN happening in Banglore) - a city where actually they are living....

Also I have noticed such negative nonsense writers about Delhi life cajoling female enquirer to write back to them so that he assits them in getting a job in India.... strange ! if not fishy...

On the other hand this simple & genuine query of an expat was not answered for so long....

Strange !

Have a good day !

P.S.- I know not all from Banglore are such... but YES some are doing it... if you see the threads, you will know it to be correct (what I wrote above) & Finally someone has to start talking about this strange behaviour on this site (& some other sites as well) by these kind of people..

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