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Helo guys in new to this forum. Me and my friend been waiting for 4 months already this month on our visa. They are urgent hiring but until now we are waiting in vain? They said that the latest update of the employer is still in the process. When asked via phone call what's the assurance they said they don't know. That the latest update of the employer is still in the process. We are planning to withdraw our application. And thinking maybe the agency will charge us?  And they said its up to the employer?

Can I have ur help or opinion about this guys? .thank u poh..

For processing visa now has three sets.
1. Is the agency advice you to have your pre-medical test. If you passed. Here's the steps
2. You will pay for the processing fee of your visa, usually 5k. Then the agency will advice you to wait for 3months that is approximate,sometimes visa will come early depend of how fast your employer would be to process it.
3. Then when visa is here. The agency will advice you again to have your final medical test. And if you passed. Of course you will undergo counseling in short pedos. After which you'll wait for your flight😄

Is it the employer send you or offer you a job offer letter? Read it carefully usually at the bottom of the offer letter you can read there.

"I confirm that in case I withdraw my application, I will be liable for all the expenses incurred for the processing of my visa/deployment."

This is the fact if they already process your visa and you are ready for deployment or you have your flight and you will cancel it of you don't want to go., and that's the time you'll have to pay all the expenses. But as I read to your concern your waiting for 4months already and visa has not here yet, you have the right to withdraw you documents. Do not be affraid.

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