kuwait its weather and people

kuwait is situated on the persian gulf.its known as arabian gulf as well.its borders meet with saudia arabia and iraq.iran is accross the sea  kuwait is a country of having heritage.oil was discovered in 1945 but first shipnent of oil was shipped in 1948.the population is approximayeley 3.2 million.locals are just 1.2million rest are expatriates  from around the globe largest population belongs to india then egyptians,philipinos bangladeshi and pakistanis.syrians and iranians and lebeneze are also live here.its weather is very hot in summer this year mercury touched 54.1 in the city but around 60c in the desert..winter is pleasent here the temp drops to 0c.good and bad people are every,education and to provide a house for every kuwaiti is guaranteed by the constitution and its free.mostly basic health services are being provided to the expat free kuwaities get subsidized ration .public transport is here .locals do not ebjoy the publix trabsport but expats rely on it as to get a driving lisence is very difficult for expats as there are many conditions apply.its a good and peacefull country to work or to live

Nice info, but what's the point of it?

It looks like a cut and paste from Wiki, so a bit pointless.

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dear admin.these are my observations as i am living here for the last 24 years and working as a Specialist A in marketing and sales deptt of kuwait airways corp

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its not like that.these are my observations being here for the last 24years if u have any further query i wl try to reply regards
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Please allow me to clarify one thing, and do forgive me if I misunderstood you.. I have to admit though I haven't read the entire thing but regarding this..

"provide a house for every kuwaiti is guaranteed by the constitution and its free."

We never get houses for free..

It takes AT LEAST 15 years for our government to issue us houses and no way it is free. Both spouses will pay a hefty debt for way too many years and the houses will be as big as a roosters' coop in areas far far away. Many Kuwaitis are stuck in rental and many of their babies get to graduate even college and by that time MAYBE.. their parents will get a house.

Just because you see the big houses in the "big" areas does not mean that all of us get to have the same luxury and nothing is for free.

We are happy that you have been in our country for all these years and hopefully you will stay for many years to come. Just please don't think we are all equal. As much as I love my country it is not all rainbows and sunshine, unfortunately. There are lots of things we wish that could change starting with.. getting houses for free  :cool:


my dear host and country man first of all let me thank you and the govt of kuwait for taking care of millions of citizens and expats.May God keep this country and its people safe .i am agreed whatever u have mentioned.let me appologise if i have misqouted some i know many of my kuwaiti friends are sending their kids in govt schools free of services are free and subsidized ration is being provided to all nationals.when HE sheikh sabah the amir came into his office he granted free ration for 14 months to each family.regarding free house i will confirm it.each national can get a loan to buy a house upto kd60000/-and monthly instalnent is just 400/-kd per month beside that govt provide construction material on subsidized price.since the decline in oil price kuwait is facing a budget deficit for 8 to 9 billions kd which wl be reduced by increasing gasoline prices from 1st sep.i pray to God u all should live safe and see better facilities in near future.its a welfere stat matchless in the region.long live kuwait and its people

with all due respect, i appreciate what you are trying to do, however your paragraphs are long and monotonous, in addition to being riddled with spelling mistakes that makes reading it a chore.

if you are trying to be helpful to fellow expats, please take the time to space out your thoughts in paragraphs.

and unify what you are trying to say, speak about one thing, from your perspective, and not a general idea about the country as a whole.

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