How can I migrate to NZ

I have been trying so much for moving to new Zealand but seem so hard. They asked you to get job offer when it is obvious that the chances of such is very low.
I am interested in New Zealand, kindly help me out of the situation.

Hi donamox and welcome to :)

First of all, i suggest you to have a look at the Living in New Zealand guide , you will find some valuable information that will help you in your expatriation procedures.

I also advise you to get in touch with you embassy for more information.

Why you chose New Zealand as your final destination please?


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Priscilla

I am 57 years of age and in South Africa. I worked in New  Zealand in 2000 to 2002 and got my electrical papers assessed and have the New Zealand electrical qualification. I was wondering what my chances would be to just work there for a few years even though I am past the Immigration requirements.( Just to work and not settle there permanently )

Priscilla, thank you very much. I hope God has sent you to be of great assistance. I will go through the web site. I will be in touch with you. Keep looking beautiful..

most young people come as international students to prepare themselves for employment..also it allows you to be on is highly unlikely you will obtain a job offer in nz from nigeria

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