request for info about mauritius

Hello everybody
Could someone living and working in Mauritius help me in the following matter plz :
1)    I would like to start a business in Mauritius and I want to know what are the most demanding items in this islands ( stationaries, shoes, Scholl bags,household items, food, electronics,cell phones ect…) plz advise.
2)    I want to know of there is a high tax on importing such thing ? if yes what is the max percentage to be paid as customer duty ?
3)    How much will cost a rent for a let say 20 square meter shop in town or just outside town if it is cheaper ?
4)    Is there any problem is getting out goods ( merchandises imported ) from the Mauritius port ?how long does it take to finalize the output of an imported container of 20 feet ?
5)    Finally is there such thing that brokers will buy merchandises you imported on the spot without getting it out from the customer , cash ?
I appreciate all answer in advance

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