San Pedro LA Laguna. ????

Hello.  Will be coming in to Guatamala Nov. For .. 6 months stay.
  Hotel first month. Hang out. Scout around.  San Padro LA Laguna.
    So I will be alone in a strange country with very little Spanish..
Looking to mingle and get out for fun dinners.   
     Too much time on my hands. Like to paint a little and share my time with knowledgeable  light hearted folk. 
      A Nova Scotia country boy.  Done with winters and work.
Looking forward to the Challenge.   
      Is San Pedro a good place to check out.?


I have lived in San Pedro for a total of 2 1/2 years over six or seven years. Yes, it's a good place to hang out, and the people are very friendly. It's also a good cheap place to study Spanish. Feel free to ask more questions.


Thank you Sandra.nice  to meet you.      That's great.  As I am happy to escape winter.  And be warm.   
   And as for learning basic Spanish.   Well its time I give it a go. Jajajajaj
Is there clean swimming areas in the village.
    Do you recommend the surrounding villages as an alternative to living. 
Down town. Lol.  San Pedro. ?   : ).

If you are in to the expat scene...alcoholics and druggies then u want san pedro otherwise panajachel is nice

I differ with Examericano... San Pedro is no more expat scene with alchohol and drugs than Pana.. difference San Pedro the crowd is younger..
It is 2 different villages.. San pedro more indigenous and less expat than Pana..
Both offers different options to socialise but San Pedro offers more sports scene.. than Pana in terms of swimming, kayaks, horse back riding, volcano climbing , hikes.. Be prepared escaping the winter and you might to never go back.. the lake seduced me 26 years ago still under the charm

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