3g consistency within 1 km radius in central area of siem reap?

Hi guys,

so we work online.  I plan to have usb dongle/phone hotspot as backup internet in case all fast connections fail. I assume 3g will still be there.

My online work can still function within 3mbps speed so no problem at that speed. What I need is consistent connection (10 hours/ work day). Is expecting consistent connection at 3 mbps realistic?

What is the 3g consistency within 1 km radius within the city center? we plan to live in a guesthouse for a month or two until we've laid out a backup plan for electricity in case of blackout. Currently Im limiting my accommodation search within the 1km radius of the city center.

Is consistent 3 mbps connectivity still ok even outside 1 km radius? possibly how far from the city center?

How's the 3g signal during rainy season? consistent? hit and miss? mostly below 3 mbps or about 3mbps?

Average blackout occurrence still about every two weeks or more consistent?

Thanks in advance.

I can't speak of the higher costing plans/services but as far as the inexpensive 4 MB service.... Good luck! The only consistency is that it will be inconsistent. The jitter or line stability is very poor from the three companies I've tried. Line drops are very, very common. How the higher paying plans and fiber optics are, I'll let someone who has weigh in on those.

Hey thanks for the update. I guess I need to have a backup plan in case things go haywire..  I'll try to find a way around the drops if possible then.  Hmmmm..

Thanks once again.

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