At 70, living in Arboleas in Almeria on our pensions. Possible?

Hi everyone, New to the site .    Just a few questions.  Do you think my husband and me have missed the boat at 70 to move  to Spain. We would like to move to Almeria  to a place called Arboleas. We would be renting long term.

We will be living on our pensions only. Are we silly to be thinking we could manage.

  Honest replies please

Hi it depends on how much your pensions are.we are in our late fiftys and moving to vera on the 8th of September,we do have pensions ourselves.the rental we have got is €325 per month.if you go to arboleas I would imagine you would need a car which will cut into your pension.would you not be better closer to the sea?

Hi We were thinking it was cheaper to go inland and have visited this area and thought it was right for us.  We have looked at rental villas for E500 month

Hi PamSeventy

I am almost 69 and living in Almeria City. I don't know Arboleas but have been to places like Roquetas de Mar, Garrucha and Mojacar.

With the two of you, I am sure you will manage on your pensions. The pound will surely rise again before long. I manage on my meagre pension but of course it is still summer. Bus travel is very reasonable in Spain and you can apply for a Tarjeta Dorada which gives over 65s 40% discount.  If you become tax residents in Spain you will probably be no worse off than in England provided you don't have world wide income and assets when you tend to be worse off from the tax point of view.

I have recently had a large filling replaced which was far cheaper than it would have been in England. I was paying dental insurance in England which was almost as much per month as I paid for that filling. The dentist was very pleasant without all the staff and offputting appendages you find in the UK.

As for having missed the boat, I think you only miss that when you are a single woman of 70 who might possibly be hoping to meet a male companion  so late in life.

Go on and move there. I would like to meet you.

Hi I think where ever you decide you will manage if you stick to Spanish bars and don't buy English food or eat out like your on holiday.we live near alicante at the mo can't wait to move to almeria.good luck

Thank you so much for the replies I'm thinking we will go for it  and as they say You Only Live Once . If we arrive we will be getting intouch don't worry X

Further to jojokoko"s reply, I just wanted to add that we old (70+) people stayed over 2 months in Roquetas de Mar earlier this year and the buses were a great experience.
Very cheap (RdM to Almeria Euro 1.95 each way), and regular.
The buses may not be so plentiful in Arboleas, but hopefully at least one in the morning and one in the evening.

Thanks Oldbaz95 for your comment

This is so lovely to hear Pam, good for you and yes you only live once, go for it...Totally love your drive and inspiration to others out there. We are hoping to move to Alicante soon, waiting for our property to exchange. So many people some family/friends are so negative about our move - saying don't do it you will fail !!! We are seriously not intending to fail - What if it goes amazingly well....because it will.... we can't wait to get away from the negative nellies...LOl Sending great wishes to you both. You can do it :) x

Thank you so much for that. We are still trying to clear things out. I can't believe the amount of things we have collected over the years.

Hi Melissa.  Yes go for it.  My wife and I are going out for ,3 months Sept to Dec and then looking to rent long term anywhere along the coast.  We are in our late 60s have good pensions are in fairly good health and we do not intend to fail.  So go for it.  We are getting all the negativity about being too old, left it too late etc etc, I say Viva Espanola.  Patrick

hi, we are looking at Moving to alicante near Villamartin as have international school close by any thoughts?

Hi PamSeventy,  I'm Pat and am 73yr.  And Happy about it.  My husband and I have been looking to make a move to Ireland sooner than later.  We have been there 4 times in the last 15 yrs.,  and Love Ireland very much.  Oh course one of the things we like about moving, is that we can also fly to Spain or Germany for a brief visit without too much problem.  Now Why I'm writing is your post about moving to Spain. You said something about being 70 and it being too late, or you missed the boat?  Well, I'm don't understand what is standing in you way.  Are there rules about people over 70?  Gee, I really hope not.  Please let me know if you can.  Thank you, very much. Regards Pat

Hi Pat    No there are no age restriction in Spain.  My point in writing and giving our age was to ask if people thought it was silly to move to a different country at 70 and had we left it to late .We have had some great response from people younger and older to just go for it We hope your move goes well and you enjoy your new life

Yay !!!

That's the spirit, I think if you hold back and do what other people think you won't do anything...Ha !
Great adventure and definitely worth a try ! Who knows you will probably be very happy it's all in your mindset. Best wishes.  :D

Hi all
Just joined as we are considering retirement early late 50's and moving to Almeria in Spain so going out at Easter to view properties. I have been doing so much research that I feel my head is going to explode. So can t wait to get out in April and maybe just go for it. My partner and I have just been given the all clear from prostrate cancer and breast cancer so they we are just going for it life is for living....

Susan. I’m so pleased you have both recovered so well and good luck. To you .My husband and I are coming out to spain for a month in two weeks to look at areas !we are looking in   Almeria amongst others with a view to moving to spain.

Pat  I’m 66 and I say go for it but before you do read everything ,I have been finding facts and some are worrying and some are not .I have several health conditions so cost maybe a factor for us .We will see .All the best .xx

Hi Pam,

The plus side, you are both young enough to think about the change  . . go for it. It is a small area, so you will get to know as many people as you want / or be as reclusive as you want.

It is cheaper inland, 500 would be a decent size villa in the area. Rent a couple of places to see if you like the neighbours, landlord, have shops on your door step etc . ., but then again, you have lived in a house all your life, so you know if the 1st 1 is right for you.

At the minute you will be covered by the NHS (not sure post Brexit, opening a can of worms here I know) and that is my main but. While they have good health care, it assumes an extended family to help care, slightly different model to the UK.

With regards stuff, you can get some furnished places, but you can also get your stuff shifted over, there are several white van men that do runs from UK to Spain.

I am with Suziedoll above though, "Life is for living".

Coming out to see a few properties in Arbelous area near the village of limaria.  Have been reading problems with water and roads around there. Does anyone know anything about this?
Thanks Susan

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