Anyone know of a great Optometrist?

I need someone that has current equipment/technology and can adequately fit Gas Permeable contact lens wearers. Any help will be MUCH appreciated.

if you are in San Juan  metro area almost every optometrist is up to date with excellent service and equipment. if you are in the campo,  not so much.  Dr. Berrocal is the best micro eye surgeon on the island and her office is full service.
Dr. Maria H. Berrocal Fernandez, MD
150 Ave De Diego # 404, San Juan, PR 00907 Get Directions
(787) 725-9315

be prepared to wait. for an appointment.

Look into any upscale Eyeglass store  in Guyanabo or even in Costco... i'm sure they are all good.  Remember, we are not in a foreign country; most ophthalmologists are experts in different  types of lenses.

Hi I know many people in the industry..where do you live?..

I know a great ophthalmologist "the best"
Graduated from Duke,. Great doctor! And he is fully bilingual his name : Ricardo (Richard) Santaella.

Forgot his office downtown Mayaguez close to a parking, on Mendes Vigo

Thank you, I will give them a call, from what I can tell it looks like Dr. Maria H. Berrocal Fernandez is located in the San Juan Health Center, is that right?

Just for clarification, the last practice I was going to in Condado didn't have a basic autorefractor and there were some other key issues as well. That's the only reason I am being kind of specific. I also have to be fitted for a very specific type of lens which can be challenging w/o said equipment. I looked into Costco and I am not comfortable with them performing the exam after I asked them some basic questions. I've been with my current Optometrist for 5 months trying to work things out but at this point I just want to zero in on someone I know is going to fit my needs.

I live in the North/Central region but I am willing to Travel up towards say Arecibo/Hatillo or any where in the Metro area. Just not anywhere far West or East. Thanks!

Is this him?

In Arecibo, Dr. Luis Montalvo Bonilla, MD is an excellent ophthalmologist. He owns the Centro Oftalmológico de Arecibo.  I don't know specifically if he has what you need, but his offices are state of the art so I would expect that he does.  Here is a link to the website:

Good luck!

Thank You Joy, I will give them a call Monday. They are very close which is a bonus. :)

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