Cost of living in Subang Jaya

Hello Expats,

Finally I will be moving to Malaysia (Subang Jaya) next month with wife and a kid of 6 months. I have accepted a job offer of RM 13,500 per month, accomodation will be provided by company.

Please suggest cost of living including basic utilities, kids stuff and grocery. We intend to dine out twice a month and that is it.


I think the salary is great, especially as accommodation is already covered.

The cost of cable TV, Internet, electricity and Telephones might cost you anywhere between RM600 - 800 depending on your usage and package.

Daipers vary in price as there are so many brands, both cheap and good, but around RM40 a large packet. babies clothes are cheap as there are so many shops selling them and there always seem to be sales on somewhere.

Groceries really depends on yourselves, but perhaps RM1000 per month. And eating out, well KL is full of cheap restaurants selling delicious indian, pakistani and mamak food as well as chinese and malay food.

I see no problems at all for your budget and it should allow you to save quite a lot.

Thank you Hansson. Which car do you suggest to buy, within 40,000 RM

It depends if you want a big car, small car of an SUV.

Personally I would choose an SUV, perhaps look for a secondhand Nissan X-Trail 2004 onwards or an older Kia Sportage. Nissan and Kia don't particularly keep their price so secondhand prices can be cheap.

If you don't mind a local Malaysian car you could consider a Perodua Myvi or a Proton Wira or Waja. The Myvia is a pretty small car. Perhaps also consider a Perodua Kembara SUV. I've driven one and it is easy to drive, but not really suitable for a western sized man as they are not all that big.

If you are looking for a secondhand car, then try to buy perhaps from an expat who is leaving the country. Often these people put up notices on their condo notice boards and they are quite desperate to sell so you can get a good price. Going through a dealer will really hike up the price so bargain hard.

This is great advice. Thanks alot Hansson.

You're very welcome...!

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