Where to find US style keyboard?

I've been working out of Budapest the last little while, and my current keyboard broke so I need to replace it.  I also need a replacement soon so would like to avoid having to order one online.  Also, I have tried both hungarian and international keyboard layouts, and the differences with us style drive me crazy.

All the computer stores I've called do not carry us style keyboards.  Anyone know where I might find one?  I don't care about quality that much - I just need one to get me by for a short while

In Windows, you can use any keyboard. Just set it to US in Regional Settings in the Control Panel. 

OR if you need to look at the keys when typing and need the actual Americna KB,  you can go to Argep

Search for "billentyuzet" under Szamitogep.

I looked and there are lots of them here too: US KBs

You may find this article useful about different style of keyboards and laptops.

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