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I'm living about 30 minutes outside Nha Trang.  There aren't many (if any) expats out this way.  I'm getting a lot of offers to help tutor some students out this way.  I was wondering what books I should have.  If someone could give me a break down of the best English books in Vietnam for each level, it would be appreciated.

Try typing 'Tesla books' in Go Ogle.  Or you could try the long-winded way...?

'Books for Teaching English As a Second Language'

But do you really need books?   Even the 'online colleges'  simply use sub-titled movies
(which can be cartoons, classics or even horror!)   Point out they are learning accent, context, body language (and that languages are fun to learn!)   Other methods include simple picture books  a.k.a. children's...  or draw a face, car, house (etc) on a blackboard and point and write.   Look at curriculums and vocabulary, then trash them and invent your own.

  Draw up your own lesson plans.   Use humour.   keep it interesting or they won't bother.

Let me say it again.  Interesting=Attention=Remembering.    Too much of the same stuff is boring.   Vary variety and intensity.   Keep it light.   Learn from your mistakes.

There is no mystery.   Just application.   Use higher levels of fluency to delegate monitors.

Reward their interest and rewards return to you.        :top:

English Banana would be a good place to start.  The books were written and published by an angry English teacher and made available free of charge.

Free Books

Another renegade English teacher's work:

The Instant Diary has a lot of good ESL material: ESL

Here's a link to thousands of conversation questions: Conversation Questions rocks:

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That should be enough to keep you busy for a while...

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