Supplier of window frames?

hi,Can anyone suggest a supplier of made to measure frames and windows,can,t find any online.

Praktiker in addition to the standard sizes they have for windows they do also made to measure for an additional cost.

thanks evan

Give this place a try if you want higher quality than what Praktiker or other DIY chains will offer.

Note: I don't work for this company at all!  I have however recently built a house and have ordered/installed Rehau doors and Veka Windows and have been completely satisfied with the products and prices.

Thanks for the info

Most new windows and frames here are either uPVC or aluminium and are available from a smallish number of big country-wide suppliers*. Pretty much every town also has small suppliers who, providing you find a decent one, will do at least as good a job as the big boys and usually a lot more quickly (and often at a reasonable saving). The small suppliers are more flexible and will go out of their way to work out how they can produce what the customer wants.

Be warned that you will usually need to get a plasterer in afterwards to replaster the window reveals - it's a good idea to combine that with installing stone window-sills.

*The big ones are Rolplast, Profilink, SAAV etc (hope it's okay to mention them?)

Thanks jim

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