hey, whats up? XD

Hello everyone

Im Lan Anh, a friendly talktive girl currently living in HoChi Minh.

Well, does anyone want to talk , discuss, argue ( :D) bla bla bla for less boring? XD

Does anyone want to learn vietnamese? i would like to teach u for free, in exchange maybe u can help me in improving German or Spanish or whatever ur native language is XD Im patient and frendly, would be fun :v

sound interesting.

Hey are you like 10 y.o or what?

10 years old??? @.@ omg, is that compliment to me or what ? hhaha
nah, my friend, im almost 26 , sr if it disappointed u XD

Hello Lan.

I am interested in learning Vietnamese and I can teach you Spanish.

Your smile is impressive, Lan Anh. It also inspries to somebody too.
Let's chit chat randomly to have fun. hahah
Anw, nice to meet you.


Great!!! sounds good deal!

Where do u live? inbox me on fb: ***

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Thank, ur complimeant makes my day today! ^^

hey, ok, deal! :D

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