Panama or Puerto Rico?

I am 54. I have three cats that will be going with me. I am retired by the USAF. I have a decent income for one person. I speak Spanish fairly well, I read it fluently. I began watching it on TV daily recently. I have the VA. I see on here it is available in Puerto Rico. I know Puerto Ricans are very nationalistic, I have read it on one site. I am a gringo. I am single. I was wondering, it says Puerto Rico is fairly expensive, but with healthcare being free for me there, expenses would be less than going to Panama, the Philippines (was stationed at Clark), etc.  Any advice would help.   Glenn

Go to P.R.   Once you buy real estate in Panama you will be stuck there it is almost impossible to sell.  P.R. does not have dead dogs and trash lining the streets.  Panama is very expensive now, food prices are 30% to 50% more than U.S.  though healthcare is cheap.  With certain notable exceptions.  Puerto Rican Spanish is very close to proper Castilian Spanish.  Panamanian Spanish is not.  I would dare suggest Hollywood, FL or Tampa area.  Or Medellin, Colombia.  I will provide you with more info. If you wish.  You can text me on Whassup at **.  In fact I reccomend that you do.

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