Work either for structural or geotechnic engineering companies.


I'm a recent graduated in civil engineering. I work for a company that provides steel shelving facilities. I am part of the technical office providing structural engineering service for internal product development and client's facility design according to Italian and European standards.

I would like to work for the Australian industry, either for structural or geotechnic engineering companies.

I know my field is quite specific and website research hasn't been working very well for me. It is not easy to find an employment as a junior engineer this far. Would it be easier to approach the companies personally once in Australia?

I'm a very simple person. I have completed my bachelor degree in Padua and master's degree in Trento, both in Italy. I have a score of 6,5 on the IELTS test, available for the following 2 years. My mother tongue is Italian, I'm very good at English and am a beginner on the other main European languages.

Thank you for the kind attention

Welcome on board Bruno Lagliu :cheers:

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