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Welcome, I am an Algerian,and I'll be glad to answer & help anyone by giving advices ideas  recommendations about anything related to my country Algeria.Thanks.
Bienvenue, Je suis Algerien et je serais heureux de vous aider a vous donner des conseilles ou des avis ,des recommendations en ce qui concerne mon pays l'algerie.Merci.

I can offer students valuable advice and support regarding accomodation in the UK. I am not an estate agent or anyone but I know how difficult it can become at times if you get things wrong - things that i personally experienced. I can also offer travel advice withing UK.

Hello everyone,

@ drrakhtar, welcome on board  :)  You should participate on the England forum if you want  to advice members. The Algeria forum is for expatriates already in the country or those who wish to come to Algeria.

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OK thanks Bhavna.

Dear All

How can i find someone who can able to work for European country for 3 months work as first stage?

Hi Krampprint,

You should select your destination and post your precise questions.

Here : select the European country which is of interest to you.

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Hello, if anyone (expat or not )has any questions about Algeria, I'll be glad to give you informations as best as I can,Thanks.(sorry ,cannot exchange private messages on ,due to not participate enough on the forum...)

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