Be very careful renting your property long term.

Hello my name is Harry, and I have a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of renting their house long term to certain individuals in Benamargosa, Malaga.
     A girlfriend and myself bought houses in the village  just before the property crash, she bought an existing house and I had a brand new house built at the same time. Her name was Heidi
she wasn't in the best of health as she was diabetic, anyway she decided to live in the village whilst due to work commitments  I needed to remain in the UK. Heidi lived in her house for a year before her sudden death from a diabetic coma in May 2013. She had no insurance so I had to save up to have her cremated, but that is another story.
     I went out to deal with her estate as I was the executor of her will. Whilst  I was staying in my house I was approached by one of the English expats who's family live in the village. I thought I knew this guy and trusted him as he had done bits of building and electrical works for Heidi in the past.
     He wanted to rent my house from me long term and offered me 50 euros a week rent it (a pittance). This was for a brand new house which he claimed had certain design faults. Attached to the house was an older house in need of a refurbishment to make it into a self contain apartment, it needed about 10,000 euros to finish the project,.
    As I trusted him I agreed to a verbal 2 year deal for him to refurbish the ruin and maintain my new house whilst he live in it. So he moved in with his girlfriend when I came back to the UK. My judgement was impaired at this time as I was still dealing with Heidi's sudden passing otherwise in hindsight I would never have agreed to the deal.
     They stayed there for 2 years, they did no work at all on the house and ran up arrears with Endesa of 500 euros. I contacted them to organise a valuation of the house with a view to selling it. The next thing  was a phone call from them telling me they had had an electrical fire in my kitchen which had caused thousands of euros worth on damage. A weird coincidence or malicious? He then disappeared off the scene leaving the girl fiend squatting in my house. I only got rid of her when she came back to Birmingham and posted pictures of herself drunk on facebook in all the bars in Sutton Coldfield. I had a friend go in and change the locks at the time. She had claimed she had moved out but has never ever given me  back my keys, so I was in my rights to change the locks.
     As a result of all this I want to sell the house and buy one elsewhere in Spain, I cannot stay in that village again the experience has put me right off.

Steering sad tale - the very worst of human nature.  Good luck for the future.  Patrick

Thank you, all the expats in that village know each other like a little clique, there are only three bars there and they all drink there together, so I honestly could not trust any of them. Time to move on

Hi this is harrythesax replying to my own comment yesterday, just to qualify, my immediate neighbours in the village are good, reliable friends, that  I know I can trust, but my comments refer to other people. The basic message is be careful who you rent to, get a good deposit, check references etc etc just as you would if you rented out your property in your home country. In the case of renting out houses, as In most things, first impressions are not a good enough basis to do business on.

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