Move to Australia with your pets???

My husband and I are planning to move to Australia in the next year or so. We have 4 yorkies, 1 lab, 1 mongrel and 4 cats that we cannot think of leaving behind. We would like to know the procedures, the costs of flying them etc if anyone knows. We are coming from reunion island.
Thanking you all in advance.

Hello Mel,_motur,

Wow that is quiet à family :)
Dis you check the quarantine period ? I know that there is. One for Australia.

Hey manuella,
Yes its 10 days to 30 days, and apparently they are very caring so it's ok we will have to go through it its the procedure.

do they care about pets...i heard that our pet will be starving during that period and if they not passing, and they will request us to send back is it true???

Well it is reassuring to read, you sound informed about the legal steps. I wish you a safe trip with all you companions !

I'm so happy to read that you're bringing all of them with you. That's awesome. I flew my dog from India to AU earlier this year. Total cost was about 23k AUD. It was so expensive as India is not an approved country and I had to fly my dog to Singapore and have him stay there for 6 weeks. I hope Union Island is approved. Check AVA's website for list of approved countries.

A few things to note:
AU has shut down all quarantine facilities and opened a new facility in Melbourne. This is the only facility and you will have to fly your pets there for quarantine. Be wary of flying your pets domestic from Melbourne to your city. I suggest doing a road trip to pick them up post quarantine. I used Jetpets for flying my dog from Melbourne to Brisbane and my dog arrived nearly dead, with all the front toe nails missing and covered in blood. Search "Jetpets Brisbane Dog dead' in Google to see the news. The dog who died was Nui who flew to NZ. Moving is always tough, but once here, life is awesome for pets. Most people like dogs and it is a good conversation starter.

Cost for quarantine per dog is about 2k. Flight cost will depend on length of flight, flight from Singapore to Melbourne was nearly 1k.

Good luck and inbox me if you have questions.

OH MY GOD ! 23K Aussie dollars ??!! for ONE dog?! oh my... *** all same procedures as in singapore, but better as only 7 days quarantine in malaysia instead of 30 days in singapore. and all these need about only 5 - 7k aussie dollars...

sorry... but if u need to relocate again. can contact me ;)

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Hey , thanks for the reply. I did know about Malaysia, and that was my initial plan. There was a Rabies outbreak in KL at the time, and I had to change my plans.

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