Looking for vietnamese friends who speaks english to learn

If your english is not enough , we can do language exchange.


Hi Sam Yeong,

Welcome on board  :)

Can you please drop an advert in the proper section of the website ?

- Language exchange in Saigon

You will have better chances of finding someone.

All the very best,

Thank you so much :)

but i don't know how to join this group.

can not find the group

well, once we still can comunicate in English so  i think exchanging language would be a great idea, i like Korea's movie.

Contact me through the private message system

Hello, in response to your topic, it would be nice to exchange languages, I would love to learn Korean and in return I will teach you Vnamese so you can message me😊 if you are serious, thanks.

Yes i want to haha
Please contact me

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Hi Im Vietnamese and working here. I can help you to learn more about Vietnamese.

Hello everyone,

Can you please drop an advert in the dedicated section of the website as i am closing this thread : Language exchange in Saigon.

Thank you,

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