Hi, I want to learn how to sing Riêng Một Góc Trời by Tuấn Ngọc.

So, I am trying to learn this song (Riêng Một Góc Trời by Tuấn Ngọc) in secret to surprise someone. I don't really know the best way to go about this, so I thought I'd post it here (apologies if it isn't the right place). If I can find someone who knows how to teach singing AND has a place for us to practice then I am willing to pay for lessons. Or, if anyone has other suggestions please let me know.

Warning: my Vietnamese is poor so this might be a big challenge.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


That's not easy song to sing. The frist, u should understand words in that song. Lyric of song told a man's sad love. He tried to told with woman whom he loved, loving that: darling, can't find our love again, can't find days which we were together, winter here : so lonely and sad...

Sad?     ..indeed to read such a negative reply...

Life itself was not meant to be easy...(and)

(True)  Love does not acknowledge (any) difficulty. without (your) help, the butler will exact his revenge by learning (word by word) the phonetics, then the melody.    (Any) girl recognises sincerity.

..even Viet ones...            :dumbom:

Work is Love made visible.    Kahlil Gibran.

Thanks guys! I know it will be hard but I am willing to try my best :D

The words and music are performed here for you to follow:

Hey, Chris
I'm Minh, Rieng Mot Goc Troi is the song I love the most and I'm willing to show you how to sing, I'm quite free these days.
I always think people can learn Vietnamese language faster through Vietnamese songs. Contact me.
Good day.

Thanks! Do you have a free space for us to sing? I don't want to sing in public :)

Hey buddy,

Try to connect with Kyo York, he's 100% American but sings Vietnamese songs much better than many Vietnamese. Maybe he could help you.

Thanks dude! Great idea.

Hi, Chris.

Firstly, you should download the song, plus karaoke version to your mobile phone and print or write lyrics into a paper. because Vietnam language has 6 intonations which quite hard for foreigner to pronoun it correctly. So I will show you how to sing each words by making notes on the paper.

Secondly, I know the place to practice it, in the youth culture center near the Notre Dame Duc Ba, District 1. right now I only know that place, you should give me your ideal place. And when you want to do that, because the center is crowded only at night, weekend, holiday.

P/s: This is the lyrics of the song.
Tnh yu như nắng, nắng đưa em về, bn ging suối mơ
Nhẹ vương theo gi, gi mang cu thề, xa rời chốn xưa
Tnh như l a, rơi buồn, trong nỗi nhớ
Mưa vẫn mưa rơi, my vẫn my tri, hắt hiu tnh ti

Người vui bn ấy, xt xa nơi ny, thương hnh dng ai
Vng tay biếc nuối, bước chn m thầm, nghe giọt nắng phai
Đời như sương khi, mơ hồ, trong bng tối
Em đ xa xi, ti vẫn chơi vơi, ring một gc trời

Người yu dấu, người yu dấu hỡi
Khi ma xun vội qua chốn nơi đy
Nụ hn đ mơ say, bờ mi ướt mi cay, nay cn đu

Tm đu thấy, tm đu thấy nữa
Khi ma đng về theo cnh chim bay
L chia cch đi nơi, l hạnh phc r rời, người ơi

Một mai em nh, c nghe Thu về, trn hng l kh
Ngn sao lấp lnh, ht cu mong chờ, em về lối xưa
Hạ cn nắng ấm, thấy lng sao buốt gi
Gọi tn em mi, trong cơn m ny, mnh nhớ thương nhau

This is the Karaoke version, and song version perform by Tuan Ngoc singer. This is my recommendation if you really like the song cover by the other singer please do download that.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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