Ticket guaranteeing exit of the Philippines

I am returning to the Philippines with no plans to travel till the next year. I plan on buying a round ticket for a Sept flight with a round trip return date of August 2017 will this qualify as my exit guarantee  or does my exit need to be guaranteed in the first 30 days of my  arrival. I have flown 4 times before but always just threw away the return ticket  once I got my Visa extension. Though once I bought a one way with a connector to Hong Kong as my exit guarantee. bottom line either is not in my financial interest  if not necessary?

Advice -plz

Yes in order to satisfy the BI requirements you must have proof of onward travel, for myself, I have used Air Asia with a flight from Clark within my mandated exit date. It is the lowest cost ticket I could find less than 3000 or 4000 pesos. I know some who have been asked for it, I always am asked for proof.

The ticket destination is Kuala Lumpur


Thank you, The Airline in Los Angeles has never let me board without an onward ticket.
I am clear on the onward ticket but are you saying the onward ticket must have a date 30 days with in your initial arrival?

It must be before your mandated departure date, For me, I usually get an onward ticket that shows my departure 1 or 2 days prior to my mandated exit, then when the time is required go on down to the local BI office get my extension. I have been 6 years in September and go back to the USA every year or so.

Ok I will buy my  RT ticket with a one way out in the first 30 days and then apply for my extension.  I don't know why but this one thing, I always fill scammed.  well that an the airport fees in Cebu :-) But life's to short it is what it is. Thank you.

There's a website called Flyonward where you can rent for 24 or 48 hours an onward ticket for $10. The ticket is completely legit and actually exists in the airline database. I used it once (from Kuala Lumpur to Manila) and I had no problem. I wasted a lot of return tickets too before I found that solution.
(I have no link with this company, I am just someone who travels a lot and wants to save money !)

Yes, the return ticket will qualify as your guarantee. You will have to under go a security screening at 6 mos. Not a big problem just annoying..

Hey traveling_toulousain , thanks for the tip on that website Flyonward.  I was checking it out and it looks like a great solution to avoid wasting expensive plane tickets.  I was having the same concerns/questions as dandunn in terms of needing a round-trip ticket.  I am also planning to visit next year for up to 6 months so now I'm not worrying about the ticketing.  Awesome!  Thanks again.

I do have one other question for the 'forum gang'.  I've visited Philippines 3 times (only for 2-3 weeks per visit) but have never been asked by airport officials to show my return ticket.  Just wondering how often they actually do ask for proof of return fare.  What have others experienced?


As far as I understood, the immigration officers never ask to see the ticket, but the airline that brings you to the Philippines is supposed to check it. I've already entered twice the Philippines this year (and more are to come !) and each time the airline company asked to check my return ticket on departure (I used Flyonward the second time) and the Filipino immigration officer asked me only when I am leaving the Philippines without checking the return ticket. I was explained that the airline is supposed to check the return ticket and they can forbid you to board if you dont have one.

Hey Wes,
In my 5 trips I have never been ask by  the BI either for my forwarding ticket, only how long will I be staying. The  Philippine government require the airlines to enforce the exit rule. You will not be allowed to board without a forwarding ticket. But like you the rent at ticket service looks promising.  i LEAVE IN 18 days so I will post how it worked.

Hi Traveling,
Thanks for the tip

But would the airline check the date of the return ticket, or just that you have one? It's cheaper to book a roundtrip flight so I'm wondering if I could book my round trip tickets, returning in 6 months, but also book the Flyonward ticket to satisfy the 30 day exit requirement?  It's certainly would be no secret that I plan to extend my stay.  It was the Philippine Embassy in Canada that recommended I go on my passport for 30 days and then extend once I get there.


My 2nd trip I had my RT 58 days out and the airline had me buy a one way to to Hong Kong. I guess a person could go to Honk Kong then return to the PI before flying home? Works for me :-)

May tickets you can not buy if going past 6 months or into the next year. Do to airline computers. Only problem I ever had with that.  Was at the Manila airport from a pushy counter lady trying to sell me a ticket I did not need.  She tried to claim she could not find it in the computer. Do to date being to far away. I just stood there & looked dumb till she gave up.

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I'll help solve your problem about the ticket.

dandunn :

Thank you, The Airline in Los Angeles has never let me board without an onward ticket.
I am clear on the onward ticket but are you saying the onward ticket must have a date 30 days with in your initial arrival?

No this is not true, you need a ticket within 30 days of your arrival in the Philippines.

If it is just an ordinary return ticket as long as you go back on the day your supposed to as stated on the ticket you will be ok but if you try to use it after the day your supposed to you use it and I'm not talking about flight delays or cancellations by the Airline then you have a problem , you can for a an extra cost purchase a flexi Ticket which gives you a choice of when to return home within certain dates again you must not go over the time period or you won't be able to use it just enquire to the major Airlines like Cathay pacific or Quantas any of the big ones will give you a good deal

Staying in the Philippines for up to 3 years on tourist visa extensions is perfectly legal. The departure date on your fly out ticket should not matter.

Not true.

The question as I understood it was could he still use his ticket after the date he was supposed to fly as stated on the ticket

I think he was asking is his flight out guaranteed on his ticket

I'm not sure if you are trying to answer my question or that of the original poster.  I simply wanted other's thoughts on the idea of purchasing round trip tickets for a 6 month stay, plus a Flyonward ticket for 30-days to satisfy the exit requirement.  As an example, if I bought a round trip tickets heading to Philippines January 1 and returning June 30 this would be the actual tickets I use to return after my 6 month stay.  But prior to the Jan. 1 departure I would purchase a Flyonward ticket dated Jan. 30 so that when I go to the airport i would have that ticket as my 30-day exit requirement.  Does anyone think the airline would give me a hard time having 2 return tickets; a 30-day and 6-month?  Would they even care as long as I have the 30-day ticket satisfying the exit requirement?  Right now I've been to the Philippines 3 times for 2-3 week periods and no airline has asked me for proof of return. 


Some Airlines ask to see an onward ticket Cathay pacific won't let you board the plane unless your a Filipino going home without an onward ticket and also Philippine Airlines , one expat here was actually jailed in Cebu because he did not have an onward ticket lucky he was married to a Filipino as she managed to get him out although he paid a big fine

No your round trip ticket is your exit ticket.  You need buy no other. In 30 days you need go to imigration & renew for 30 days. 2 photos & 2 pages from your passport. Main page & inter stamp. Then next time you can get a 60 day visa extend.  Then a 6 month extend or a other 30 0r 60 day extend.  Only problem I have had with a 6 month round trip is at Manila airport on entry. The girl at the counter thought she could sell me a exit ticket. I was threw customs & on the local flight side. Gate 3. Buying a ticket to Davao. She was just trying to con me into buying a extra ticket.  It did not work. Soyou are fine with a round trip ticket. No problem unless you meet her trying to con you into buying a extra ticket. Also wear cargo pants coming over.  Some will try to tell you you are over weight on luggage. Load your pockets full of the little things. Have her reweigh the bag. You can put all back once past security in your bag. Manila is not the most honest airport in the world. Smile at them a lot there & act dumb as you do this.


According to other posters on this topic you need a return ticket dated within that 30-day window on initial entry (otherwise they may not allow you to get on the plane to the Philippines).  This means my return ticket dated 6 months out would not suffice.  Again, I've never had any airline ask me for proof of return but would be just my luck to have them ask the one time I plan staying longer than 30 days, lol.


Very easy to fake an onward e-ticket cause they very rarely check in their system, besides, I always choose a different airline than the one I flew in on.

If you have a round trip ticket. That bis all you need.  You have your exit ticket.  Were you will have problems is if you go to the local side & buy a ticket to a different town here. Then a pushy sales girl will try to force you to buy a exit ticket from her. Manila airport is not to honest. Also there tickets are double price.  So if flying from Manila. Have the taxi stop & buy a ticket from a travel agent. This will save you 1/2 on what they charge inside the airport. & you will not need put up with a pushy sales person.

Your onward ticket date is of zero concern, one day or one year is both OK!

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Just buy a round trip ticket to be safe.

I am flying into Manila in October with my dual citizen Filipina wife.  I will have a ticket with the same airline (PAL) to fly to Singapore in February, 2018.  Will this be sufficient to board the plane in the USA in October?  My understanding is my passport will be stamped when I arrive, with a copy of our marriage license, that I will be good for a year.

Yes, your correct.  You can enter the Philippines with your wife, and stay a year.  The ticket you purchased to Singapore, is your ticket to leave.  Your  good!

I have been in and out of the Philippines since 2004, for various lengths of time, mostly over 6 months, thus requiring an exit clearance certificate. On return I have always had an outbound ticket datedfor at least 6 months hence. The rub is, the airline you are using checks your onward ticket, before giving you the boarding pass. Immigration have never shown the slightest interest in the ticket
Now to update, I did my 3 yearly exit and had a vacation in Malaysia, very pleasant i might add, On my return fligh,t at the booking in desk, the clerk asked if I was resident in the Philippines, I presented my tourist visa ACR card, first time ever used, and was issued my boarding pass, no requirement for onward ticket.
I was, before I left, toying with the idea of an onward ticket,  you pay about 8 dollars for the ticket and it is valid for a couple of days after you return and it is automatically cancelled. I was too worried to try this but apparently it works fine.
The upshot is that the only thing you can guarantee in the Philippines, is that the rules will be interpreted differently depending on each individual. So you pay your money and take your chance.

If you enter with your Filipino spouse thru balikbayan privilege, will you still need a return ticket upon arrival?

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