Just landed in KL, looking to meet people :)

Morning all,

I just landed at Kuala Lumpur :)

Very eager to explore the city and get to know people.

Anyone looking to hang out?

I'm into coffee and I have a craze for horror movies :P

Also,  any tips to explore the city?

welcome to malaysia

hi, welcome to malaysia, i hope you have a good time here

Thank you people .

Still looking for suggestions , on what to see , explore . :D

Total newbie in KL :)

KL is 100% amazing.

Use a taxi to go somewhere and ask how much.
When he tells you the price, insist on using the meter.
The difference will tell you the 'rip off' rate for taxis and pretty much everything else people will try to sell you.

People will ask you where you're from, you tell them.
Their daughter just happens to be about to leave for uni in that country and ... ring ring .. grannie is in hospital for emergency surgery and do you want to go back to their place to play cards?

Walk. Apart from saving the taxi fares you meet people.

Be polite when you refuse the pimps in Jalan Bukit Bintang who offer you a young girl.
Don't rip their head off when they offer you a young boy.

Not saying they don't deserve it, but they sometimes work in gangs.

If it's still there, do go the the night steamboat stand near Nandos outside Chinatown.
Say hello and meet interesting new people.
Starts at about 9 pm to breakfast.

The police museum is well worth the trip.
The sell excellent polo shirts. Mine is ten years old, worn a lot and still looks like I bought it last week.

The price of everything is fixed ... until you work out it isn't.
The offered price is the best in town, but usually 400% higher than the selling price.
Go to a chain store and check out the real prices before you venture into the markets.

NEVER buy drinking water in the street. They collect old bottles and refill with tap water.

Hope I don't sound neg ..

Malaysia is fantastic but all countries have a crappy side, and learning how to avoid the steaming horse poop with make your time there even better than it's going to be.

Next. Long range bus services are cheap, so pack a light rucksack and spend a few days out of town when possible.

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This freshly banned pimp and scammer is a prime example of a cancer that hangs around in Malaysia.
These fools damage the reputation of that wonderful county, but a snip from his post will give you an idea of their 'line'.

The plays ate puerile rubbish, so watch out for anyone will any similar stories.

Welcome to Malaysia.

One of the best ways to visit the city and see it's sights is to take the Hop-On Hop Off Bus. The bus stops at 23 different locations which is great because you actually get to see most of the best places in KL and tickets are not expensive. The official website is:

Hop-On Hop-Off Official Website

And you can see the route map on the following link:

KL Hop-On Hop-Off Route Map

You can also get around easily by taxi as they are easy to find although some of them will try to rip you off. Aside from taking you the long route, some taxis have "fixed" meters that adjust up the fare when the driver clicks a hidden button. So take care with taxis.

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Thank you all for  the info .

This does definitely help :)

:) please give me a ring! ***.
Thank you.


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