Looking for help to start my start up of a online company in UAE?

Hey guys,

I'm from Morocco and the Netherlands and plan to start our business in Dubai. It's a start up technology company and online service in online ticketing. Anybody in here that can give any advice and does know the do's and don'ts while starting your business in the UAE?

I do speak English, Dutch and Arabic and I'm looking for someone that can guide me through this process.

Thanks a lot for any help! ;-)

Hi Mohamed,

I have gone through massage. Can you mention exactly what kind of help and guidance are you looking out to start your business? You are looking for business partner, investor or someone who can look after things in Dubai when you are in abroad? I am not any business man, I live in Dubai and work in a mnc in R & D field. Your post somehow took my attention. Please do comment if you think I can help with some information about the business. Thanks.

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Hi Mohamed; please don't hesitate to get in touch shall u need any guidance. Or reply here with specific questions and I'd try to answer.
Good luck!!

Hello Mr.Mohamed,

My best advise for you is that you come first to Dubai and go to chamber of commerce Dubai discuss with them what you intend to do,then they will advise you on this ( license.....etc) don't pay any money before you do your market research, once done you will have a complete picture of all your requirements.

Good Luck


well said bro. i also got something in the pipeline i guess i shall do the something

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