Spanish elementary schools in SP?

Is anyone aware of any Spanish immersion (or bilingual Spanish-Portuguese) elementary schools in Sao Paolo? Many thanks in advance for your time.

No, bad idea! The schools in SP should immerse the "Spanish" children to learn and speak Portuguese, not Brasilian children to learn Spanish because this is Brasil. Are the children being immersed to speak Portuguese in Spanish countries or Mexico? Of course not. They don't recognize Portuguese language. Good example, illegal Mexicans "Refuse" to speak English in the U.S. even when we take care of them. So the schools are making the U.S. children learn to speak Spanish so the Mexican children don't need to speak English. This is one way of invading a country by using language, next political office, next your country. BE CAREFUL BRASIL, this looks good on the outside but bad on the inside!!!! (bilingual Spanish-Portuguese) this is a nice way or covert way to insert Spanish into Brasilian Children, there is no reason to teach the children this language unless the parents want them to choose this or French, Chinese or English.

Hi adt116 and jtong1

Many thanks for your question and jtong1 you are an experienced forum member here on and we appreciate your advice.

However what I believe based on adt116 past posting, adt116 is looking for a spanish immersion school because his children are already fluent in English and Spanish, and since they are not fluent in Portuguese, it will be easier for them to attend a school in which they were multi lingual in order to make his/her's family's integration into Brazil a bit more easier and smoother.

Furthermore ADT116, please note that I know a few "estrangeiro" families here in the State of Santa Catarina whose children are attending public school right now and the schools and the teachers are quiet supportive and assisting them with day to day situations.  One family has been here for about 2 years give or take and there children have started speaking Portuguese at the same dialect and speed as the people who are natural born Brazilians.  To be honest with you the first time that I visited Brazil this particular family's children were acting as interpreters for me when I had to goto supermercado :)

To sum things up, yes coming to Brazil can be a culture shock for some, however so far the people I have encountered are all friendly and hospitable. ADT116, since your children are already fluent in Spanish, it should be a smooth transition no matter which school you might enroll them in, due to the fact, that there are quiet a few similarities between Spanish and Portuguese (I am quoting Mr. James here).

I hope this helps and if you have anymore questions or require any clarifications please feel free to contact us at anytime.



Thanks very much, Stanza. Yes, that is the case: my kids are native bilingual speakers of Spanish and English, and I hope to find a school for them in which they can speak their native languages at least a little bit as they learn Portuguese. However, I am open to an all-Portuguese curriculum as well. I am having quite a difficult time finding information on the available options beyond the well-known international schools. I would be happy to find a small, local school that teaches all in Portuguese. I'll keep trying.

Hi Ann

Greetings of the day!

Super happy to see your reply.  Things are a bit challenging to find online sometimes, but the people here are supportive.

The teachers at the government school that my friend's son and daughter are attending is quiet understanding and have been extremely welcoming to the kids and I am hoping that your experience should be similar as well.

Do keep us posted on your experience and feel free to contact us if you have anymore questions or require anymore clarifications accordingly



My sobrinhas had a book they used to teach English as part of school study. It was a Brasilian school book they had in grade 3 & 4. The book includes pictures. They attended public school in Rio. It was a regular part of there daily class. Also have your children ask their Brasilian classmates to help them learn. I am teaching my grandchildren to speak English and numbers. Their ages are 2 & 4 anos. Plus your children will add another language to their skills. They'll do good in time while still young. It is always to your advantage to adapt to the environment to succeed much better. Tell your children have fun while learning new language skills and culture.

Buenos dias,

You have the Instituto Cervantes that has direct "homologación" with the spanish ministry of education in Spain (which means also equivalences with schools in the European Union). If you are a spaniard i would say this should be your best bet. Otherwise if you are from any other country from Latin America i believe it depends on what you are looking for. I would be glad to assist you.

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