Permanent place to stay in Colombo?

Hi guys!

I'll be moving in Colombo next month and I'm having kind of a hard time finding a place to stay for an undertermined amount of time.
I just found a permanent job in town and I would love to find a shared house/appartement with locals or expats. I am really open minded and easy to live with so if any of you guys look for a new roomie, or know someone who does: I AM THE NEW ROOMIE!

But anyhow, I hope to meet some of you there, I can't wait for my new adventure to start.
Hope you are having a good day, and hope to see you soon...


Hi Clement,
    How long would you plan to live in Sri Lanka ? I live in Colombo and i am a native Sri Lankan. I've got apartment to share. Let me know if you are interesting.

see you soon...

Hi everyone,

Please make sure to drop an advert in the Housing in Colombo section of the website if you are either looking for accommodation or proposing one. Your adverts will benefit from more visibility on the website and might get you offers.

All the very best,

did you find a place in Colombo?? ***

Please let me know of your budget and expected facilities etc so that I could find a property for you. FYI, please note that I am not an agent !!

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Hi dear ClementMtt,
it is nice sound you are moving to sri lanka.
1/. please find your accommodation as per your office location. specially colombo is very traffic have to ensure distance & time to your office.
2/. you have to think about your budget.there are various places
3/. consider how long you will be there.. some apartment price depend according to short term or long term basis.
4/. search about facilities what they provide & also what you need
if you need write with more details.i will try t help you...
Good day


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