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Hi. We have just bought a flat in Denia old town which we hope to use for holidays, particularly through the winter. We have now furnished it with the basics, but it would be really helpful to have some things delivered directly to the flat, perhaps from Amazon Spain or similar internet companies. My question is, what happens if the delivery comes when you are not at the flat. Where do they take it? I know from ordering on line at home that they don't always deliver when they say they are going to. Or have you found a better way of ordering on line which avoids this problem?

Many thanks.

In my experience, where you have a proper address, the deliverers are fine. They'll usually phone beforehand and if you're not in they'll do what they do in the UK - try the neighbours, leave it outside your door etc. Now, if like us, you live in some forgotten corner of Spain with no simple address you will end up sprinting from one recognisable spot to another until eventually the carrier returns you goods undelivered and the whole thing starts over again.

A strategy I've used is to ask a bar, a shop etc. that you use a lot to act as the delivery point. If you use your newsagent, for instance, and the carrier tries to deliver when they are closed, the carrier will re-appear when they are open so long as they can find/guess the opening hours.

That's really helpful. Thank you.

If the package is coming by courier they will call you in advance to arrange a time for delivery. If it should be coming by Correos (Spanish mail system) they will leave you an advice note that they tried to deliver the package without success. You then need to go to that Post Office within a certain time period to collect your package. You will require  identification paperwork to collect the packet.

Thanks Vickyc. It looks like good timing may be the key.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Kate

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