moving to Abu Dhabi any advice ?


I have been thinking about moving to Abu Dhabi and any information to help me make my decision would be greatly appreciated. I'm also looking to network with others and meet new people.




It all depends on what package you are being offered and would it be worth leaving UK for. The way I saw would I be better off financially overall if I left UK. Abu Dhabi could offer you a better life style than UK but depends what your reasons are for moving is it better life style or better of financially

I don't think it as a nice idea at the moment. The fall of oil price effected Abu Dhabi very drastically and most of the companies are downsizing now(even in government sector). I suggest you to try in Dubai as it's not effected much there. Anyway, everything depends on how lucky you are.

Most Welcome to abu dhabi
Its a very safe country very nice security plans
By work by place All owsum
Weather is so hot but all around AC you will not feel it.

As others said.. it depends on your goal I'd suggest this websites to have an idea about the city: … 46717006#!


Very save and enjoyful. You will never find better than.

Hi Nisha,
I spent quite some time on  forums and doing research recently before deciding to move to the UAE.
Salaries in the Middle East are not what they used to be, but tax free. If you are looking more for a change in lifestyle and a great adventure then you will enjoy Abu Dhabi

hi good afternoon...have a great day.....Thanks
abu dhabi is ok....just its not let u feel as dubai is showing interst in it.

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