How do i go about moving to Belgium?

Im totally lost in the wilderness as to how to organise myself to get to Belgium.I really want to come there and work and have a meaningful life since life here in Ghana is very hard and unbearable. If you could help me get a job and also assist me with documents to apply fir a visa i would be very grateful. Im prepared to do any cleaning jobs ao please help me..hope to hear favourably from you..thanks

Hi Prince Boateng,

While I cannot help you directly, maybe I can offer some advice or suggestions, with a little more information concerning your current situation. Bear in mind this is a public forum, so we don't want to get too personal or specific, in other words, no phone numbers, emails or passport numbers.

While I haven't been to Ghana, I have been to Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Gambia, Benin and Togo, so I know what things are like in your part of the world, I understand what you are going through, I have met many Ghanaians.

What made you pick Belgium? Do you have an existing connection with Belgium? Do you already know someone here? What is your family situation? Would you be leaving anyone behind? Do you hope to bring someone with you, or have someone join you at a later stage?

What languages do you speak? This is probably the most important thing to consider before moving to another country, it goes a long way to be able to communicate properly, anywhere. While English is widely spoken across Belgium, speaking it alone will not help your prospects. You will need some level of either Dutch in the north half or French in the south and Brussels region.

What qualifications / work experience / level of education do you have? Unfortunately, no company will sponsor a visa and hire a foreigner for a non-skilled job when there are already many legal residents / citizens already in the country looking for the same. In other words, there is no 'open visa', like the American Green card in Belgium. While still outside the country, you will need to first find a job and only then have the company sponsor you a visa, which allows you to only work for that company, you will not be able to change jobs if one doesn't work out for any reason, you would have to leave again.

Have you considered any other options for your future? Why not look into working on a cruise ship? That industry is growing fast and they are hiring people from all over the world, for all positions, from cleaning, right up to highly qualified officers and engineers. The pay for entry level positions is not bad, and you don't pay for food or room. Some companies might even fly you to join your ship. You could pocket / send home US$ 500+ / month. While I also cannot directly help you find a job at sea, if I can give one piece of advice, do NOT pay any money to any agent at any time. If any agent ever asks for money, walk away and find another. Read contracts very carefully before you sign them. The cruise ship companies pay the agents to find crew for them. Also, I don't want to get your hopes up, but there are many other people looking for cruise work, you will have to make yourself stand out amongst the 1000's of others also applying. With that said, based on the little I know about you, your chances of finding work on a cruise might be higher than finding work in Belgium, unless you have a very specific reason to want to be in Belgium.

Good luck, and feel free to ask more questions.

Thanks very much for your advise..

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